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H21 exemplifies a passion for research and finishing of raw materials.

The phylosophy of this brand is to create emotions, combining photos and exclusive designs with the experience and quality of an ancient Tuscan Workroom.

Each piece certainly represents Simona Battelli, and her wealth of knowledge, gathered throughtout her thirty years of experience in handling raw materials, tailoring, reading markets and the establishment of the brand, Rossoforte.

This preavius experience has enabled her to create a brand that differentiates itself by offering exclusive products with a striking artisan labor, which has been proven to be difficult in a market that is more disposed to mass production.

This has been possible, thanks to Gabriele’s inclusion, who has already had a great deal of experience using cretivity and cleverness to transform ideas into…emotions.

Simona Battelli


A volcano of ideas and adrenaline that transform into reality to create works of wearable art that spur emotion and inspiration.This is in my opinion the most beautiful part of what i do.

Gabriele Buscicchio


The transition from the kitchen to fashion has been both challenging and an exciting one and yet in many ways they both require passion, sacrifice and attention to detail. This great change has given me that extra motivation, the desire to get involved and show that in life never say never…